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Hey all - spring is coming - you gotta believe!!  

This Seasons events:

Jan 26:  Frozen Cod performed in Outlook. Thanks Outlook folk for a great afternoon. Here is an excerpt.

Feb 12: 'Heading for a Cure' at the Bassment.  It was a good time - did a Randy Newman set - "You Got a Friend in Me!"

Feb 28: "Broadway Unplugged" Summer Players singing Broadway at the Bassment.  Whoohoo!  It was a frigid night, but 146 souls braved the cold and sang their hearts out. Very fun

March 17 - 18:  Back to my old stomping grounds to adjudicate the music festival in Swift Current  I heard some great music; and met some great musicians!

April 6 - 7: Listening to the musicians at the music festival in Bengough

April 9 - 10: Adjudicating at the music festival in Eston

May 10: Eclipse Spring Show

Mothers Day:  Frozen Cod show ....  Zion Lutheran Church 3 p.m....stay tuned for more details.....

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