Froese Music is Starting Over Again!

Hello everyone – and welcome to summer 2015!  The last time I updated this site was a year ago – and its been sitting there a year……so……I added this site to the wordpress world (thank you WP) and hopefully we can get things moving along.  I’m currently team teaching at the U of S School of Dance summer Triple Threat Dance Camp.   And next week I’m heading to Mount Forest, Ontario to teach at Summer Sizzle.

Enjoyed the Jazz festival immensely here in Saskatoon – and looking forward to the Fringe Festival, and taste of Saskatchewan, and the fireworks festival…..

And craving a little rain…

Talk to you soon,

1 thought on “Froese Music is Starting Over Again!

  1. hi wes
    nice web site
    mine needs work
    if you search back far enough you’ll find my booklet IMPROVE YOUR STROKE

    SAW Donna at taste of Sask
    she said ….see ya tomorrow at Sherbrooke

    bring your blues tunes

    c ya

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