Home for my Birthday

Just home from Mt Forest, Ontario, where I was team teaching at Summer Sizzle, a 3-day professional development conference for piano teachers and composers, and a camp for young piano students, sponsored by CNCM.    A good time was had by all.

2 thoughts on “Home for my Birthday

  1. Welcome back,

    With August approaching, thought I would inquire about the possibility of taking piano lessons with you in September? My schedule is pretty much open with the exception of Wed nights weekly and the 3rd Tue & 3rd Thur nights each month. Being newly retired, I would be available during the 9 to 5 period or otherwise, since I am flexible. Perhaps there is some question about the lesson schedule and vacation times.

    A year ago I completed your Book 1, Starting with Blues, with Graham in Outlook and started at Book 2. I’d like to review and extend the drift of these.

    Presently I’m reviewing my copy of the book Midnight Jazz by Debra Wanless at:


    – upping the tempo, checking dynamics, striving for performance consistency with focus directed to looking ahead and stricter counting.

    Please let me know if such lessons could be arranged and details of your teaching . My contact info is Lloyd Barteski, ph 306-343-7136, 11 MacDermid Cres, Saskatoon, S7J 2R1.

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Lloyd


    Read of your deck building project and I’ll chat as follows:

    – check out the location of the gas, power, tele, water utilities and your deck location (a city permit concern, though they like to doc improvements for tax ++ reasons),
    – also check out exterior electric outlets and wiring needs,
    – insure your NG grade under the deck & at the edge of the deck slopes away away from your house – avoid water ponding,
    – if you plan to put a roof or sun shade above the deck in the future, you may want to install a base for the pillars under the deck and mark with a drill hole before you cover in the deck surface,
    – think about critters and pets camping out under your deck ie. mice, squirrels, bats, wasps, cats,dogs, etc. Maybe a top or side trap door would let you set traps & keep varmint & such odors free,
    – what happens to your deck in the winter or intense thunder storm rainfall. If putting in steps I would suggest they be extra wide since snow seems to collect in the corners and the steps become a slide,
    – and re plastic vs preservative treated wood, I’ve seen both be successful – somewhat a question of $$$. Why not use both – treated wood under carriage and plastic top (if you can find a color you like).

    Anyway that is my 2-bits. Enjoy.

  2. hi
    home grown…. you’ll like it !

    Lyrics (’cause I know you’ll want to sing along!) …

    Ain’t nothin’ in the world that I like better
    Than bacon & lettuce & homegrown tomatoes
    Up in the mornin’ out in the garden
    Get you a ripe one don’t get a hard one

    Plant `em in the spring eat `em in the summer
    All winter with out `em’s a culinary bummer
    I forget all about the sweatin’ & diggin’
    Every time I go out & pick me a big’n

    Homegrown tomatoes, homegrown tomatoes
    What’d life be without homegrown tomatoes
    Only two things that money can’t buy
    That’s true love & homegrown tomatoes

    You can go out to eat & that’s for sure
    But it’s nothin’ a homegrown tomato won’t cure
    Put `em in a salad, put `em in a stew
    You can make your very own tomato juice

    Eat `em with eggs, eat `em with gravy
    Eat `em with beans, pinto or navy
    Put `em on the side put `em in the middle
    Put a homegrown tomato on a hotcake griddle

    If I’s to change this life I lead
    I’d be Johnny Tomato Seed
    `Cause I know what this country needs
    Homegrown tomatoes in every yard you see

    When I die don’t bury me
    In a box in a cemetary
    Out in the garden would be much better
    I could be pushin’ up homegrown tomatoes

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